JUnit Pioneer is an extension pack for JUnit 5 or, to be more precise, for the Jupiter engine. It offers a wide variety of extensions and is continuously released with more.

Quick start

Determine the latest version (e.g. on Maven Central) and add Pioneer as a test dependency.


    <version><!-- ... --><version>


testCompile group: 'org.junit-pioneer', name: 'junit-pioneer', version: /* ... */

Done, you’re good to go! 👍


There are various ways to help us improve JUnit Pioneer if you’re interested:

  • if you have an idea for an extension you could make good use of, open an issue

  • if you already wrote some code and would like to release it as part of JUnit Pioneer, which is an awesome idea, please also open an issue (rather than a pull request)

  • if you want to contribute but aren’t sure how, have a look at the list of open issues, particularly those marked as up for grabs